statement & bio


Colour was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Southern California. She received her BA in Spanish and Political Science and her MFA in Sculpture/Ceramics at the University of Utah. She has exhibited throughout Utah and in surrounding western states and has also participated in several artist residencies, taught art at the University of Utah and facilitated art classes for refugee children as way to promote language skills and creative exploration. She was also on staff at Huntsman Cancer Institute where she taught art classes for patients, families and staff as a component of holistic healing. Colour believes that creativity is an inherent part of being human and that accessing this creativity is a way to still our minds and broaden our perspective about the world around us.


I am an observer and interpreter of what is under the surface of life. This is the consistent thread within all of my work. I use a wide variety of materials including traditional mediums like porcelain, paper and metal as well as found objects, recycled materials and industrial and ecological detritus. The choice of material for each particular work is based on the material’s ability, either created or inherent in itself, to expose or draw attention to an overlooked and layered existence that is otherwise hidden. In many ways this is a response to the frenetic and dizzying pace of life and my own attempt to slow down enough to really see what is in front of me and to more fully understand the profound beauty and tragic degradation of the world we inhabit.

The range of forms I create or uncover vary widely from stark, industrial sculptures to organic structures that resemble biological systems or organs. And while these works may seem vastly different the thread of honing in on what is often unobserved or ignored is still present. In some works this surfaces as an attraction and corresponding repulsion. In other works it surfaces as a reward of sorts for taking the time to deeply observe and pay attention.

Ultimately, my aim is to facilitate a more profound and inclusive perception of the world we inhabit and a willingness to see beyond surface comfort and familiarity.